Everyone knows about the health and elegance employs of cooking soda. However, here you can see the very best face masks, do it yourself and make the face smooth and very fresh.


This product cures pimples and acne. It remedies infections as well as tightens loosened skin, eliminates blackheads and the like.

It is an antibiotic too and also removes acne scarring and will help the recuperating of skin.

Furthermore, It is the easiest way to tighten up and reduce skin pores, it eliminates inflammation, washes pores, eliminates excess natural oils and this is the recipe for how to make the face mask:

This face mask is simple to make and you may easily get it done at home.

Blend ½ tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon cold normal water.

Apply it on a clean face, after about a 10 min wash with warm water and put on some oil-free cream.

The face will be gentle, smooth and thoroughly clean.

Try this now!