Natural Antibiotic: Plantain Purifies The Blood, Kidneys And Lungs Weak

Plantain helps with the expulsion of secretions, whooping cough, asthma, pneumonia, and creates and aversion to smoking and reduces the desire for nicotine. It helps children and dim and boležljivoj children …


Plantain primarily used for diseases of the respiratory organs, especially in the strong catarrh, coughs, whooping cough, pulmonary asthma, and even tuberculosis. Swiss pastor Kunz says billiards, connoisseur healing power of our plants, it says: “All kinds of plantain used throughout, with roots, plant, flowers and seeds.


It cleans the blood, lungs and stomach like no other plant, and is good for all those people who are anemic or have bad blood, bad lungs and kidneys, are pale, have a rash, lichens or coughing, hoarse or have been skinny despite the abundance food. It helps children and dim and boležljivoj children, who despite good nutrition lagging.



In bronchitis, pulmonary and bronchial asthma very well act tea prepared in the following manner: in a cup of cold water put a slice of lemon (if sprayed lemon, then without crust) and a full teaspoon of brown sugar candy, boil, let it four to five times boil , take off the heat and only then add a full teaspoon of tea blends.


Allow to rest for half a minute. In severe cases we have four to five times a day to prepare fresh tea. We drink it sip by sip so hot as we can handle. Plantain has always been a favorite tool for the treatment of wounds. Fresh ground leaves help with scratches, cuts, bites wasps, even a bite of rabid dogs, poisonous animals and snakes, in these last emergency, if there is no doctor.


Plantain Callus Placed Trpučev list in the shoes will free us blisters that have earned walking.


For goiter with fresh leaves crushed between two hands and with a mixture of salt and placed around the neck, treat goiter.


Infusion One tip of a full teaspoon of the leaves put on a 1/4 liter of water is poured over, let stand briefly.


Tea mixture of one tip of a full teaspoon of mixture of plantain and thyme in equal parts Opara with 1/4 liters of water.


The wrap of leaves Fresh leaves long or large plantain washed, squashed on the board with a kitchen roller in the leaf pulp and put it on the affected area.


Plantain and marjoram


Each malignant swelling subsides if they cherish the fresh crushed leaves. The leaves help even in malignant diseases gland. In these cases, good fresh marjoram, in an emergency can be dried, put the olive oil. Marjoram is put into a bottle, pour the oil and leave 10 days to warm. With so prepared mažuranovim oil spread diseased gland, then put crushed Trpučev list and commit to the cloth (bandage). For a short time will perform improvement.


Placing syrup plantain


Method 1: Two handfuls of washed leaves trpučevih grind the meat grinder. The leaf pulp, add some water, not to the blind, 300g unrefined sugar and 250 g of honey. While stirring let it cook on low heat until it thickens and then still hot pour into bottles and store in the refrigerator.


Method 2: In a glass jar along alternately red washed trpučevih leaves and red unrefined sugar, and all very squeezed. Mass settle. The next day we put new layers until the jar is full. In a protected place in the garden dig a hole and put it in a jar wrapped with three to four layers of cellophane. At this place the plank on which we place the stones. All cover it with dust.


Lumber and stones must remain visible. A mixture of sugar and leaves under the influence of the earth’s temperature evenly syrup. About three months later pull the jar, juice strain it through a fruit press (not the cloth), once it boil well, and it filled the bottle that we can close well. Who can apply this procedure a boil, let leave the jar in the sun or near other heat sources as long as the bottom does not create syrup. And this syrup should be another good boil.




The wrap of houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum) – Corns Apply pure juice Celandine or Swedish Mustard, peel the skin off of sheets houseleek and its fleshy part of the bet as a compress.


Propolis – Four weeks lubricate corn propolis. Many corn is removed and four weeks ago. Before lubrication propolis, it is good to wash the corn warm water and neutral soap, and then lubricate the Swedish Mustard and leave to dry a little.