Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Everyone has an opinion and interpretation of why and how it happened some things. But today, at a time when everyone can sit down and write their opinions on the Internet, it may not get many followers who believe in any crazy theory.

Here are some conspiracy theories that at some time taking his swing and place in the online world:

The theory of “Ice Bacchetti” challenge

At the time when the challenge watering with icy water was quite popular in order to raise awareness about the existence of a disease that makes you feel like all the muscles you are frozen very quickly appeared different interpretations of why the challenge became so polularen and what was his point.

Most bizarre example of this was when a group of people began to believe that it was a Satanic ritual in which those polevale like to become part of a satanic cult and thus “baptized” in the Satanists. Leaders of the cult were celebrities like Lady Gaga and Oprah. They ran the process of attracting new members.

The theory of the death of Robert Kardashian

The late father of Kardashian clan died in 2003. But many people deny and say that Robert Kardashian and Ted Cruz are the same person. That he actually faked his death to escape the women in his family and to start a new life with his successful political career.

Homo kapenzis

The theory states that there is a kind of people who have much larger brains of ordinary people and they secretly leading financial and religious world and make secret conflicts for people to fight each other. This opinion comes from a legal adviser to the World Bank.

All discoveries of NASA rigged

The man set foot on the moon and the earth was flat. Photos and videos taken by NASA fotoshopirani, and the organization serves only to money laundering. They actually do not have any breakthroughs. This theory has perhaps the largest number of followers.

Queen Elizabeth feeds on human flesh

Queen Elizabeth lived so long because it comes from ancestors who were kanibalci. She lifetime eat only human flesh and thus becomes almost immortal. This theory is born in Britain historian Uber Umdinger.