Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Here’s How To Spot It

Every type of food we eat has a big impact on our health, which means that we need to pay more attention to our diet.

Foods rich in fats, sugar, toxins and chemicals should be avoided if you want to keep your health in check.

A healthy diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables can help you do this, but the problem is that we’re not really sure what’s real or fake anymore.

For example, China has started producing fake plastic rice which is difficult to recognize and very dangerous if ingested!

The rice is produced from a mixture of sweet potatoes and plastic resin.

The grains look just like natural rice and are hard to tell apart from.

Luckily, there are a few tricks which can help you recognize them.

  • Put the rice to boil in water and observe – if a thick liquid separates at the top, it’s fake;
  • Fake rice will surely float in water;
  • Boil a cup of rice and put it in a closed container on a shelf for 2-3 days – organic rice will have mold on it, while plastic rice will stay in perfect condition

Here’s a video which details the tests: