Apply the skin naturally with these strange exercises face

It takes a 10-minute daily exercise facial muscles so they fill the entire space under the skin, because it naturally tightens and stimulates the formation of collagen. The effect is even better if the exercises are combined with massage.

The persons who are under 17 years old are not recommended exercises for face and older have to do everyday. If you’re on a diet, be sure to start practicing person, because it will melt kg flatter your figure, but not in your face. Facial exercises include exercises for the neck, because it is noticeable wrinkles and effects of attenuation.

1. Simple movements by turning and bending the lips, nose, apple-trees, tone deep layers of the epidermis and thus engage the muscles and tighten the face and neck. Start from the neck!

2. Do your exercises in front of a mirror. Stand straight and hold the head in a stable position and bend your lips down. Do 5 sets of 8 grimaces resembling a sad emoticon. Tighten the chin. Lower Ya and lift it as you can. Repeat this movement ten times.

3. Exercise nose and lips. Cry out the long letter O, like to sing, or how to utter OM. You’ll feel as engage the muscles of the chin, lips and nose. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

4. Raise your cheeks with a yawn. Prodzevnete slowly and loudly, opening his mouth as much as you can. Repeat 5 times.

5. Fitness lip. Gather your lips as you want to kiss someone, and stretch them. Send him this big kiss themselves through the mirror 8 times.

6. board face wrinkles in the nose. Squeeze your lips and teeth, and then move the mouth of all parties. Up, down, left, right. This should take 1 minute.

7. Practice and eye lids. Blink of an eye 20 times, but do not forget to count. Close your eyes and open counting to 10.

8. smooth forehead. 5 times alternately frowning as if you’re angry, then immediately lift your eyebrows as if you are happily surprised. When you finish your workout, relax the muscles of your face and breathe deeply during the next minute.

9. To combat chin turn massage the neck and chin, which recommended oil rod. Grease a neck with a layer of oil, ask your hands like the wings of a butterfly and rub them down from above.

Introduce this strange gymnastics of the face and neck in your daily morning routine and do it before a mirror. So soon you will notice that the exercises will begin to produce results. Be persistent!