Alabama lands 4-star OL Darrian Dalton

Some things never change. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Texas summers are hot. And the rich get richer on the college recruiting trail.

Case in point: Alabama has raided the Baltimore area for one of its very best, four-star St. Frances Academy OL Darrian Dalcourt, who picked the Crimson Tide in front of scholarship offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee and, yes, in-state Maryland.

“I felt like they were the best team in the country,” Dalcourt told 247Sports about his decision to commit to Alabama. “If I’m going to be the best, I have to compete with the best.

“Their history means a lot to me. I am part of a very good team now in high school, so that impacted me a little bit but I wouldn’t say that was a deciding factor. The deciding factor is everything else Alabama has to offer, not just football.”

For Dalcourt, a touch of home via future teammates almost surely played a role as well. St. Frances has already sent a freshman to play under Nick Saban at Alabama and Dalcourt’s current teammate, Shane Lee, has also committed to Alabama.

That’s enough to qualify as a college football recruiting pipeline, and a pretty impressive one for Nick Saban as the Crimson Tide continues to spread its wings.

The question now is whether other top recruits from the upper east coast follow Dalcourt’s lead. If the Crimson Tide keeps winning key games like that national title contest in January, they won’t have to go out chasing recruits. They’ll all come to them. Again.

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