Wrap the Feet with Aluminum Foil for an Hour and Be Amazed by the Result

Aluminum foil is found in every home, for many uses like leftovers of food saving and cooking. Also it has other uses like soothing pain in joints and removing fatigue.

Fast removal of fatigue

This foil can fight insomnia and fatigue too. Health Digest guarantees this trick; cut foil strips and refrigerate them for 2-4 hours. Apply them on the face, eyelids and cheeks, all. Keep this until you feel more relaxed and remove them


Soothing pain in joints

Good for curing sciatica, heel pains, gout, arthritis, joint pain. Wrap the foil on the part that hurts and secure with bandage. Do this at night before bed and for 2 weeks. Then pause 2 weeks and pain will be gone, but if you need to repeat it again.

Soothing burns

Cure burns with this foil. Doctors claim this trick by Wisconsin university – wrap the burn with foil. First wash the skin with cold water, pat dry and put thin layer of some ointment. Over that put clean gauze, and then foil. Secure with bandage.

Phantom pains

This foil is good for these pains with no known cause. Usually it can be due to some amputation surgery. Soothe the pains with foil wraps and bandage over them.

Remove a cold

Remove and cure a cold with foil. Wrap the feet with 5-7 layers foil and after 1 hour remove it. repeat if needed.


See this video for hair curling with aluminum foil