Was your mother a pain in the behind and constantly nagging you when you were young?

You may have hated her back then (we know we did!), but if a recent research is to be believed, the constant nagging does help mothers raise their daughters right.

According to a study conducted at the University of Essex, pushy mothers are behind every successful woman.

The research showed that the pushier the mother was, the more the daughters were successful in their life.

They also had a lower risk of getting pregnant prematurely and performed better in school as well. How about that?

One of the leading scientists in the study, Erica Rascon-Ramirez, explains that the study investigated the lives of more than 15 000 girls over a period of 6 years.

They were first examined when they were 13 or 14, and those who had strict mothers had a lower risk of premature pregnancy.

This shows that as much as a nagging mother can annoy you, they’re doing it for your own good.

Furthermore, the study found that the nagging mothers also resulted in better school performance of the girls, especially if they didn’t like school much before. In these girls, the effects of the nagging mother were even more pronounced.

Even when the girls acted against their parent’s expectations, the nagging still had an influence.

“Sometimes, even when we acted and believed that something was more convenient for us as a person, we were still influenced by our strict parents in a subtle manner. Eventually, those choices we considered personal were influenced by the behavior of our mothers towards us,” Ramirez says.

What the study shows is that when our mothers demanded a lot of us, we were more likely to avoid certain elements that hinder progression such as abandoning school, teen pregnancy or unemployment.

Contrary to popular teenager beliefs, your mother pushing you to work harder in school or do the dishes isn’t a bad thing.

Listen to their advices and stop with the eye rolls and tantrums in order to lead a more successful life.