Supermarkets selling cheap, super-size punnets of strawberries after cold spring causes a bumper crop

Cheap strawberries are flooding supermarket aisles this week due to a glut caused by this year’s extreme weather.

Retailers across the country are selling super-sized, reduced-price punnets, and farmers say the unusually cold spring means the fruit took longer to ripen, making the strawberries much bigger, sweeter and juicier than usual.

Not only are the strawberries more delicious, the recent hot weather caused the fruit to ripen all at once, making for a giant crop.

Waitrose has reduced the price of its fruit, after the recent rise in temperatures forced the plants into a slightly later-than-usual season.

Nicki Baggott, Waitrose strawberry buyer, said: “Strawberries love the sunshine and with the recent rise in temperatures, we’ve seen a bumper crop of the delicious summer fruit making its way to our shelves.

“As our yields are up, we’ve reduced our prices to reflect this. In particular, our exclusive Summer Blush Strawberries are growing extremely well and are perfect for our customers to use in their puds, pavlovas and Pimm’s.”

Discount supermarket Aldi has bought an additional 112 tonnes of strawberries to support British growers, who have too much fruit on their hands.

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