According to the experts, the deadliest disease of our time, cancer occurs as a result of the combination of many different factors like bad lifestyle and diet, genetics, no physical activity, infections, constant exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins and smoking. According to many studies, the unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle is the main factor for this devastating illness. Irregular exercise, alcohol abuse and bad diet are responsible for over 20% of the cancer cases in the USA.

In order to prevent the development of cancer it`s very important to make some lifestyle changes. The best way to prevent it is to eliminate the excess weight, be more physically active, stop smoking and watch the weight. Also, it`s very important to avoid certain foods that may also be the reason for cancer.

Here are the 8 foods that can cause cancer:

  • Farmed salmon

The difference between wild-caught and farmed salmon is huge. They are completely different fish. It has been found that farmed salmon contains known carcinogens like dioxins, mercury, toxaphene and flame retardants. Always buy wild-caught salmon because it is the healthy one.

  • Potato chips

This popular snack contains acrylamide, a type of carcinogens which are created in the process of production, when the potatoes are exposed to high heat.  Acrylamide is associated with digestive, ovary, ovarian and breast cancer. Potato chips also contain high amounts of oil and salt which are responsible for elevated levels of cholesterol and increased risks of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. In order to avoid the risks, you can make the potato chips at home, using sea salt and olive oil. Also you can make some apple or banana chips.

  • Hydrogenated oils

When the hydrogenated oils are processed the turn to poison. These oils contain high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids and trans fats which can cause different health problems and damage the cells. Omega-6 acids are associated with skin cancer and trans fats with high levels of cholesterol and prostate and breast cancer.

  • Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn contains high amounts of perfluorooctanoic acid which is related to bladder and kidney cancer. This type of popcorn is a GMO product and it`s very harmful for the health.

  • White flour

This flour increases the risk of breast cancer and the blood sugar levels. It has no nutritional value. Instead of using white flour, use almond flour or whole wheat flour.

  • Processed and red meat

Processed meat and red meat like sausages, bacon and ham are very tasty, but they are harmful for the health. In order to keep your health you need to avoid these types of meat and consume grass-fed and organic types of meat.

  • Pickled and smoked food

During the process of smoking the meat is left with toxins residues which are very harmful for the health. The smoking process turns the nitrates into N-nitroso which is a very harmful compound responsible for several types of cancer. Smoked and pickled foods are also loaded with preservatives which are also very harmful for the health.

  • Refined and sugary foods

Foods that contain corn syrup can increase the risk of several cancer types and significantly harm your health. Instead of using sugar, use more maple syrup, honey, jiggery and stevia.