South Korea ‘surprised’ by Trump’s decision to end military drills Video

  • Now Playing: South Korea ‘surprised’ by Trump’s decision to end military drills

  • Now Playing: Grenfell Tower fire victims mourned on anniversary

  • Now Playing: Democrats questioning deals made during Trump-Kim summit

  • Now Playing: 14 Canada geese found decapitated, mutilated

  • Now Playing: ‘I just feel scared’: Life one year after Grenfell Tower fire

  • Now Playing: Achilles the cat becomes official soothsayer for Russian World Cup

  • Now Playing: Who will win the 2018 World Cup?

  • Now Playing: Macedonia takes a new name to end bitter 27-year quarrel with Greece

  • Now Playing: Trump’s military exercises pledge sparks concern

  • Now Playing: World reacts to historic North Korea, US summit

  • Now Playing: Images of the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

  • Now Playing: Donald Trump one-on-one with George Stephanopoulos

  • Now Playing: Trump insists on stopping the ‘war games’

  • Now Playing: Trump and Kim Jong Un making history with their goals to denuclearize Korean Peninsula

  • Now Playing: Trump praises dictators including Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte

  • Now Playing: Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

  • Now Playing: ABC News Live: World reacts to Trump-Kim summit

  • Now Playing: Trump shows off ‘The Beast’ limo to Kim

  • Now Playing: ABC News’ Eva Pilgrim reflects on how the North Korea summit affects her family

  • Now Playing: North Korea, South Korea react to US Summit

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