SIRT Diet – Lose Weight By Running A Gene For Weight Loss

For decades appear different child, based on counting calories or intermittent fasting. You know what – “pierced spoon and you will surely weaken.” Post and reducing caloric intake really “works” and it is not called into question. But, frankly, for many, this way of removing excess weight tiring and quite stressful. Now here’s the good news – SIRT diet …


Found gene for thinness

Yes, exactly – was unveiled to certain manipulations of food can trigger gene SIRT gene (thinness) and … to achieve the same effects as the input of less food or at the post. Namely, when there is a lack of energy, as is the case with a child with a limited number of calories our cells suffer particular stress. To register sirtuin genes, which then engage and emit strong signals that radically changed the way of behavior of our cells. Sirtuin genes amplified metabolism, increase the efficiency of muscle, accelerate fat burning, reduces inflammation and regenerate damaged cells. In short, sirtuins genes make us purified, slimmer and healthier.


Food that drives genes for thinness

“SIRT food” is a newly discovered agent that activates sirtuin genes (genes for weight loss) in the best possible way. This is a wonderful food especially rich in certain natural substances called polyphenols, which have the ability to interact with our genes to lose weight and to launch them.


Well to name who they are wonderful foods that will trigger your genes for thinness: apples, citrus fruit, bananas, dark chocolate, parsley, dill, Blueberries, Green Tea, Soy, Strawberry, Turmeric, Ginger, Onion, Cabbage. There is also a coffee but only those proven quality.

This discovery means that instead of a strict regime of fasting or strenuous exercise program, there is a new revolutionary way to trigger our genes for weight loss and it is diet foods that contain large amount of polyphenols. It is best that these foods the more you include in your menu.


For the impatient: The SIRT child

For those who do not meet only naked increasing intake of these foods in the diet and slower weight loss there is also the SIRT diet that serves as a detoxifying diet and good leaving kilograms (in 18 days can be lost 7 kilos). Here’s how it looks:


The first phase of this child is a “super successful” phase, which is clinically proven method for the average weight reduction of 3.5kg for 7 days. During the first 3 days, calorie intake is limited to a maximum of 1,000 calories a day. It consists of three green juice ingredients rich in polyphenols and one meal rich in foods that contain large amounts of polyphenols. The next four days, the calorie intake is increased to a maximum of 1,500 calories. Each day includes green juice rich in polyphenols and consumed a meal rich in foods that contain high levels of polyphenols.


The second phase lasts for fourteen days when despite neglect counting calories reducing kilos is stable. This phase consists of three balanced meals rich in polyphenols each day along with green juices that contain high levels of polyphenols. The beauty of this diet is that you do not have to be constantly on a diet but that the introduction of foods that contain polyphenols in daily diet achieve lasting good effect when it comes to body weight and health.


As the real green juice?

Simple: In blender insert 1 apple, a couple of strawberries, a handful of recommended greens, add a little ginger and turmeric and all that good puree soup (of course, add enough water to the juice is not mash). Play it and you say variations with other recommended foods!


Thinking of the first phase as a stage of cleaning the body. Foods rich polifenlom sends a message to the body to start the regeneration of the body and the elimination of waste products and toxins. This cleaning takes place in a combination of fasting and feeding the body. This is not a diet in the conventional sense but this diet as a way of life rather than a short-term diet.


In addition, there are no limits. The point is to engage in diet foods that contain polyphenol without denying what we already have in the diet. Practically, you eat everything as before but inserting mentioned foods and … watch the pounds themselves go. Great right? SIRT diet is a diet that you simply must try.