Nutrition Cancer – Recipes

Cancer, or professionally speaking, cancer, has been and remains bogey of the twentieth century. With that as of twenty years ago in the inglorious role got “companion” – AIDS. However, in addition to malignant cells are malignant because uncontrolled and unknown reasons and propagated as a hallmark pathology of the aggressiveness of cancer, the disease is not uniform: the each body it is, at least some, others and require specific therapy. Of course, medical consulting team is the one to identify the detailed examination of this big trouble for anyone who hits and prescribe treatment: radiation, taking drugs (cytostatics) or surgery. And maybe the same patient, given the nature of the disease, to load all three types of therapy.

A lot of so-called alternative funds and goods to the patients, such as the fruits of various cacti, and vegetable and fruit broccoli, Brussels sprouts, blueberry, black currant, which is certainly not anyone harm, provided that the vegetables eaten little boiled and seasoned only with very little salt and fresh fruit. Of course, a herbalist who will offer patients and some lesser known fruits, but in any case, even if a patient is held to quack, let it be only in passing, as it is in the application of these alternative medical advice necessary. Of course, and occasional medical examinations are inevitable, and on what they cover, be determined by the physician-oncologist or medical consulting team.

As with all patients (and healthy people), and patients with cancer suggests a certain type of menu. We will try to help them certain advice.
Before you suggest a diet, we will give all kind of foods cancer patients should avoid. There are several factors extremely important for sufferers. In their body not to enter anything that he considered, or which increases the accumulation of toxins. The body should be enabled to solve these poisons. From the many reasons to avoid animal protein (meat, fish, cheese and milk). They only add toxins to the already existing amount in the body.


Meat, meat extracts, sauces of meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, fish pate, eggs, cheese, butter, milk, ice cream, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, paprika, coffee, alcohol, white rice, all kinds of smear, sugar produced from cane and beet, jams with preservatives, canned fruits and vegetables, olives, dried fruit, canned or packaged soups, all of which contain preservative, color or chemical additives, oils and fats, which are saturated, fried and baked foods, chlorinated water .


All vegetables that can be found on the market, depending on the time of year.
It is desirable, as far as possible, cultivate vegetables without using chemicals. When growing vegetables with a variety of chemicals rather lose in their content of vitamins, although we get in appearance. Vegetables can only from country to take the necessary ingredients that are valuable to the organism.
Vegetables should be eaten as fresher, means cooking minimized. Just by a little obariti steamed. To the minus most nutrients, it is best to eat it as a salad. It should know that the skin of most vegetables contain vitamin maximum value and a whole wealth of minerals. Of course, the skin or the whole fruit can be cleaned.


Very nutritious liquid food can be made as follows. Wash and chop 4 large carrots, a few leaves of parsley, spinach leaves 6 and from the following: Shell of potatoes, lettuce leaves, green part of beets, onions. Can be added and one celery. All of this should be put in a pot with water and cook slowly for about 30 minutes. Drain and eat while hot. What remains can be put in the fridge and use the following days, but with a prior warming. If the answer constipation (constipation), the remaining liquid to add a bit of bran, which is run by submerged overnight in one part of this soup. In the morning it is advisable to warm up and drink before breakfast. It is not advisable to chew seeds. Never for this soup should not be used as any kind or Vegeta.

Periodically, at least twice a week should eat only uncooked food. One of the meals should be the only fruit. If you’re thirsty, drink the juice from fruits and vegetables, but from small glasses. For tea use bottled natural water, even for cooking. Remember that food should never overdo. What is less exposed to heat. If possible, do not use aluminum vessels.


Apples, all kinds kupinastog fruits, bananas, cherries, figs, grapes, mangoes, avocados, melons, pears, pineapple, plums, melons and strawberries, along with seed-ma, are special cleaners toxins and are very nutritious. Only the fruit can make enough nutritious food. Therefore, it is proposed that at least one of the daily meals is just fruit. The first six to 12 months for illness should not eat lemons and oranges.


Dried apricot halves, dried figs, pears, peaches, plums, grapes and berries of all kinds can be eaten only if they are dried in the sun. All other methods of drying are not desirable. When this fruit wash, can be eaten with other foods or with fresh fruit. If the dried fruit gently stew or immersed in water to soften, becoming more delicious and nutrient reserves.
Use them as much as possible. Vegetables with the root can be fine rendati and mix with green leaves other strips that are eaten as a salad. Add to it chopped walnuts or add a little butter peanut, or eat with trnim bread, it is very tasty. It can be used and pressed white or chopped onion, so it seasoned with oil and apple juice which replaces vinegar.

Food should be good to chew and eat slowly. It is not advisable to drink with the meal, so much that the food easier to swallow. It is very important that sufferers eat regularly, do not skip meals. The content and meaning of this diet is to remove toxins from the body and to allow odrambenom mechanism to fight disease.


From all dus vegetables and fruits can make juice. Also very suitable are mixtures of, for example, from carrots and apples. These drinks should not be consumed in unlimited quantities, because it will spoil crevrna flora and digestive system. Juices should be taken as an aperitif. Every sip a little to keep the mouth that is mixed with saliva, because this already starts brewing. In the digestive system it is sufficient the use of pulp and juices typically have no pulp.

Tea, medicinal herbs, chamomile, alfalfa, flax seeds, linden blossom, rose hips, clover, sage, mint and other plants. Instead of coffee should drink all of its replacement, and it is best to get used to the warm tea as a kind of dessert.


Fresh fruit dipped dried fruit, a mixture of nuts and seeds mixed with fruit juice or yoghurt, various nuts, tea from herbs or a substitute for coffee.
This meal should take about eight o’clock in the morning. Four hours later to take the following:


Tea made from herbs, fruit or vegetable juice. If you’re still hungry, grab fresh fruit, seeds of various species and walnut.


Mixed cheese salad, a variety of vegetable sprouts and beans, seasoned with oil, bread of coarse milled cereals, peanut butter, rice without husks or other vegetables, rye bread. For dessert – fresh fruit, nut.

afternoon snack

Same as the forenoon, with what you can use other types of vegetable or fruit.


If the salad was not represented in the main meal, it should form the basis in the evenings. Otherwise, if the salad she’s the basic daily ration for the evening should be limited to vegetable dishes. Tom vegetables can add a small portion of salad or meal always finished with fruit and nuts fruit. Dinner should be between 19 and 20 hours.


  • submerged seeds

All it soak in cold water and leave overnight (8-12 hours) and before the meal to add a finely grated apple. This dish is very nutritious and should be well chewed. It can be eaten with other fruits except lemons and oranges. In order to increase the content of vitamin B17, it can be added to ground apricot seeds.

Bread pudding

– 125g raisins,
– 6 slices of bread,
– teaspoon cinnamon
– a bit of ground nutmeg,
– 75 g of sugar,
– 550 ml of skimmed milk,
– tablespoon sugar
Cut the crust from bread slices and cut them into small pieces, put into a deeper judgment and add 75 g of sugar and raisins and pour the milk. All well izmiksirati. Add other ingredients, pour all the refractory Court and sprinkle with the remaining sugar. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes.

Cabbage with soy

– 2.1 kg of cabbage,
– 2.1 kg of potatoes,
– 30 g of butter or margarine,
– 150 g of soy pieces,
– 5 eggs,
– salt, pepper,
– Soup of the dice
Cabbage cut into noodles and potatoes into small pieces. Buter warmed in a pan on it a little it cool cabbage and potatoes. Pour the broth and cook covered for about 15 minutes. Add pre-cooked pieces of soybeans. Whisk egg and seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, and thus spill over the cabbage and potatoes. Allow the pan to even shorter time simmering.

Stuffed omelet

-For two persons:
– 2 eggs,
– are, half a teaspoon of sugar,
– half a teaspoon of oil,
– 50 g Trappist
– 25 g of roasted peanuts,
– 5 g of butter or margarine,
– 100 boiled peas (and may in freezer)
Separate the egg yolks and egg whites and egg whites whip the whites. Put salt and sugar, add egg yolks one at a time and whisk together. Tiganj only thinly coated with oil, heat the oven and 2 omelette on low heat under the lid. Mix peas, butter, grated cheese and half of the milled peanut. All together it cool briefly, until the cheese is melted. This mass to charge omelet and sprinkle the remaining peanuts.

Quick soup

-For two persons:
– 250 g of mushrooms,
– scoop of butter,
– of oil or margarine,
– 10 g of bacon,
– 1 egg,
– a little less than a liter of soup cubes,
– salt, pepper, parsley leaves,
– 1/2 cup of yogurt
Chop the bacon and fry it in the fat, add the sliced ​​mushrooms and a little it cool. Season with salt and pepper to taste, pour soup, and let it cook until mushrooms are tender. Whisk egg with yoghurt, soup and pour sprinkle chopped parsley.

Pancakes with orange

In general, the pancakes are by no means dietary food, but if suffering there and excess sugar in the blood or other organic disease, which requires caution with eggs and fat, as is the case with gastric cancer or liver, can sometimes be “IASB” this treat.
Bake the pancakes, each sprinkle with chopped nuts, sugar-free. Especially make dressing: juice drained oranges pour in pre cooked thick syrup of sugar.Folded pancakes pour the syrup.