Natural Remedies Against Chlamydia

Previous article Chlamydia – Simptoms, Treatment, Prevention … caused a sizable interest and a lot of your questions sent by e-mail. Most have sought answers to the question: who are natural drugs against chlamydia most effective, whether chlamydia can win only by natural means and how long it takes to get it under control. Here are answers to these questions:


Therapy and nutrition in the fight against Chlamydia

Strict adherence to prescribed therapy is mandatory and gives the best results. Of course, as we all know, go along with advice on nutrition. When the topic is food already raised, it should be remembered that there are foods that are able to help you so you will speed up the process of destruction of the attack.


Before the list of foods a couple of additional information:


The right way to combat chlamydia is the correct use of prescribed therapies. The term is correct referring to the strict adherence to the pace, quantity of input and input on drugs. If the drug is taken with food then it is okay to use medicines and foods in combination or if the situation is such that the drug is taken on an empty stomach, then it is necessary to give the medicine a chance to work. This means eating a few hours after taking the drug.

Natural drugs themselves are not enough. That sufficient chlamydia does not pose a danger to the human race, let alone be one of the most common bacterial infections.

Since chlamydia bacteria that mean that the use of antibiotics way of fighting against it. Food and food combinations for controlling chlamydia are based on the preparation of food containing large amounts of natural antibiotics.

Also, before displaying recipes against chlamydia, must mention foods that are harmful. Harmful in the sense that slow down or reverse the effect of drugs and the effect of nutrition. These are:

  • Alcohol;
  • Caffeine;
  • Reddened flesh;
  • Canned food;
  • Full-fat dairy products;
  • Various industrial snacks;
  • Fast food.

Natural remedies against Chlamydia

When all factors are taken into account may be shown a list of foods and useful recipes:


Sage as a tea, or oil is very accessible. The oil was used as a coating on the infected site. Sage tea is the perfect drink that can be used with other natural remedies.

Garlic and Turmeric is a combination that can be used daily. Clove garlic should roll in a little turmeric and settled thing.

Olive oil or sheets. The use of olive leaf is preferred as compared to olive oil. From sheets can get tea until the oil is used for cooking and frying. If you can not decide freely are using the both. Olive leaves are also used as lining for cleaning wounds and preventing infection since ancient times so that it is possible to use the leaves in this way.

Usnija. Known as the Jewish beard is a kind of moss that has strong antibacterial and antiviral effects. Prepared as a tea or used as supliment because pharmacies can find capsules. Tea it is necessary to 500 milligrams of ground or crushed leaves Usnija and prepared like any other tea. It can be consumed with sugar and milk. According to, although not officially confirmed, the story Usnija is so effective that in a week chlamydia disappears.

Yogurt + garlic + Turmeric is a great combination that is easy to reconcile and is considered to be the effective solution.

In principle, it is important to point out that there are many foods that are considered as natural antibiotics and these mentioned foods are considered the most effective in the fight against chlamydia. Of course, if you know a plant or a natural product that has antimicrobial activity, do not hesitate to use it as an adequate diet and strict adherence to the prescribed therapy victory over Chlamydia is possible.


Length of treatment chlamydia

The answer to this question depends on the general state of the organism. So, what you immune system, genetic heritage, what are your habits, how you are disciplined in carrying out therapy … Natural Remedies against chlamydia can significantly help to the overall health improves.