Karela, or bitter melon as its also known, is a fruit from the melon family that has a nice taste and can cure numerous ailments.

Karela has been used as a remedy against diabetes, pneumonia and constipation, and some experts also consider it a powerful remedy for cancer.

Today we’re going to present just a few of karela’s impressive health benefits and a recipe for karela juice that is sure to improve your overall health.

Karela – a powerful diabetes remedy!

If you haven’t seen the karela plant, it looks similar to cucumber and has a green color.

The plant grows in Southeast Asia and South America, and has been touted as a potential cure for diabetes and cancer.

Karela can assist in the destruction of malignant cells, and even a few scientific studies show that it can indeed help.

However, until further research confirms it, we can’t be 100% sure that the plant can treat cancer without conventional cancer treatment.

Here are some of karela’s main health benefits:

  • Treats asthma;
  • Treats skin infections and disorders;
  • Reinforces our immune system;
  • Treats hangovers;
  • Rich in folate and polypeptides;
  • Boosts our digestion;
  • Eliminates toxins from the body;
  • Helps us lose weight;
  • Eliminates acne and improves the appearance of our skin;
  • Treats numerous vision problems.

Here’s how to prepare the powerful karela juice:

  • 1 karela
  • A cup of water

Peel the karela and wash it well, then cut it in half and remove the pulp and seeds.

Chop the pulp and put it in a bowl of water, then leave it like that for an hour.

Now, mix the pulp and water in a blender and add a bit of honey and ginger. S

train the juice well and pour it in a glass jar, then keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours before drinking it.

Drink this juice on a regular basis in order to boost your health and improve the function of all your organs.