Inside this summer’s global heatwave and wildfires Video

  • Now Playing: Wildfire rages in northern California

  • Now Playing: Ohio race too close to call, California wildfire rages on

  • Now Playing: Inside this summer’s global heatwave and wildfires

  • Now Playing: Charlottesville victim’s mother honors her legacy 1 year after tragedy

  • Now Playing: Man appears to have been bitten by shark in Texas

  • Now Playing: NFL players take a knee, raise fists during national anthem

  • Now Playing: Teacher discovers tooth from extinct mega-shark

  • Now Playing: ‘I’m a clean … white girl,’ DUI suspect tells cops

  • Now Playing: Teen pushed off bridge thinks she ‘fainted midair’

  • Now Playing: Sikh man attacked: Police chief helps son’s arrest

  • Now Playing: Charlottesville prepares for anniversary of deadly protests

  • Now Playing: First lady’s parents officially granted US citizenship

  • Now Playing: Wake Forest basketball coach arrested for fatal punch

  • Now Playing: ‘Manhattan Madam’ expected before Mueller grand jury

  • Now Playing: More homes in danger as wildfire grows

  • Now Playing: Coach in court after alleged punch kills tourist

  • Now Playing: Father accused of throwing dead baby in New York river returned to US

  • Now Playing: New video of deadly police shooting

  • Now Playing: Arsenal of weapons on NM compound where remains found: Police

  • Now Playing: Man: He might be one of the last people to have seen missing student

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