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6 powerful reasons watermelons are “nature’s medicine” – reduce your risk of cancer, stroke and more

Americans love their watermelons, they’re at the top of the list of most consumed melons, with cantaloupes and honeydews on second and third place, lagging behind. They love this amazing fruit so much that there’s even a National watermelon month in the US, July. There are over 300 types of watermelons in the US and

Are You Diagnosed with Cancer? Then, You Should Follow This Healthy, Balanced Alkaline Diet!

Healthy pH values are of utmost importance for cancer patients. However, it is not only cancer patients who have to balance the pH values in their body.  Every human being on this planet should increase alkalinity in their bodies in order to maintain health at optimal level.“The human body goes to great lengths to maintain

Black Salve: The Magical Cancer Cure That’s Been Hidden From Us For Decades

This ancient Native American balm has been hidden from western medicine, until now. Black salve is a mostly unheard of treatment that has been used for centuries in South America, known for treating a number of health problems, including cancer.The salve is a special blend of herbs with amazing medical properties. The pharmaceutical industry have tried