Tulio Simoncini claims that cancer is a fungus which is known as candida albicans. He adds that sodium bicarbonate can treat cancer.

A former Italian oncologist, Simoncini developed a theory that a fungus known as candida albicans is the cause of cancer. He offers an alternative treatment for cancer which is very simple. He says that we can alkalize our bodies with the help of a common compound, which is inexpensive and very available. This incredible compound is baking soda, and it eliminates candida, stops metastases and shrinks the tumors.

Acidic bodies, beneficial bacteria and candida are all connected.

The work of Simoncini involves the following elements:

To begin with, cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Secondly, baking soda is perfect for alkalizing the body. It has been widely used as an indigestion aid and antacid. Thirdly, the good bacteria which is present in the intestines directs 85% of the immune response, and releases anti-cancer vitamins such as vitamin K, folic acid, B-12 and biotin from the food we consume. When the acidity of the gut increases, beneficial bacteria cannot work as it should.  Next, overnight, beneficial bacteria digests enormous quantities of yeast, fungus and microbes which are consumed together with the food we eat. Actually, fungus or yeast is their favorite food.

In what way does candida cause cancer?

Candida albicans escapes from the intestines and it moves around the blood stream. Cinnamon and oregano oil can destroy yeast found in the blood stream. It has been proven that about 25% of people with type 2 diabetes had improvements when given cinnamon. Namely, the fungus is located on the outer membranes of the cells, thus preventing critical receptors from functioning properly. For instance, in diabetics, those receptors are for insulin. Nevertheless, candida also creates waste product, which is sugar-like. Those people whose sugar blood levels are higher are more prone to cancer and have lower rate of survival.

Additionally, candida belongs to the group of yeast infections known as anaerobes. To be more precise, they generate their energy when there is lack of oxygen. When they enter the blood stream, certain body areas are colonized and the oxygen levels in that area are reduced. What happens is that these cells do not die, but they change to cells which do not require oxygen. Cancer cells do not use oxygen. Actually, Otto Warburg told the world that oxygen kills cancer cells, and this brought him the Nobel Prize in 1931.

Women who had taken antibiotics 25 times or more in their lifetime are more prone to developing breast cancer. Their beneficial bacteria is reduced and candida has more chances of surviving. The immune system is weaken.

Up until he developed this theory, Dr. Simoncici was an acknowledged oncologist. His theory is that candida albicans is the cause of cancer. He claims that cancer can be cured by creating conditions in which candida cannot survive. As a main weapon, he uses sodium bicarbonate. He was removed from his position.