Negative energies affect your children, family, pets and even objects around your house. But, surprisingly, by using only a glass of vinegar and grain salt, you can solve this issue!

This simple technique can eliminate all these bad energies and also improve the quality of your life.



  • Water
  • Granulated salt
  • White vinegar
  • A glass (must be totally transparent)


Add a little water, vinegar and salt in the glass. Place the glass where other people visit you or in the areas where you spend most of your time. Let it stay there for one day (24h). Check how the salt is acting after 24h and you can repeat the technique whenever you think it is necessary. Until the salt stops rising, place it in all the places of your house.

Note: the glass should be placed in a place where it can not been seen so it will manage to absorb the negative energies effectively.

Get rid of all the bad energies surrounding you by using a glass of water and vinegar and grain salt.