Head suffers from many issues specially in winter like cold, flu, sinusitis, phlegm and rhinitis too. The most seen is sinusitis and this is swelling and inflammation of sinuses due to bacteria, fungi, allergy and viruses. The signs are thick mucus in nose, congestion, clogged nose, cough, fatigue, face pain.

To cure this, no need for drugs and meds. Instead try natural and deal with this forever.

This recipe is with just 2 items.

You need:
  • 200 ml acv
  • 1 medium ginger root



Grate the ginger and add 2 dl ac in bowl. Put this in glass jar and seal. Keep at room temperature tops 10 days. Shake it up sometimes.


To get more benefits, put the head over the jar and put towel on the head. Inhale this and in the next 10 min keep up. Before bed have a handkerchief soaked in this mix and applied on the neck. This sits overnight.

Repeat this for a few days and be amazed.

Another recipe for sinusitis is the one below.

Boil 50 g ginger and inhale this with towel, again. The ginger relieves breathing and congestion too.

Natural is always better so try these instead of drugs.