Cesia Abigail worked at the cafe and at the same time owned the same. One day a homeless came and asked for some money. Instead of giving him some money, he offered something quite different, which is why this story became contagious all over the world.

She offered her a job at her coffee shop in Minnesota Minnesota. Namely, he did not refuse him when he came to the cafe, but wondered why he did not have a job.

As he said, he often got rid of, and had a difficult past, which is why he was forced to pray for money, and sometimes even steal it.

That day she certainly needed a worker, and with the satisfaction of her need she had done a good work and a great work.

Today, two weeks since that happy day, he does his two-way shift, which means cleaning garbage, washing dishes, and the rest.

When Cesia gave her the first salary, guess what she did, bought the food at her restaurant, and decided to pay it because it made her feel good.

Cesia had even seen him pay for food beforehand to take him to a woman who was also a homeless.

As he says, God blessed him, so why not he would continue doing good deeds to other people.