Month: March 2017

Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Everyone has an opinion and interpretation of why and how it happened some things. But today, at a time when everyone can sit down and write their opinions on the Internet, it may not get many followers who believe in any crazy theory. Here are some conspiracy theories that at some time taking his swing

Nutrition Cancer – Recipes

Cancer, or professionally speaking, cancer, has been and remains bogey of the twentieth century. With that as of twenty years ago in the inglorious role got “companion” – AIDS. However, in addition to malignant cells are malignant because uncontrolled and unknown reasons and propagated as a hallmark pathology of the aggressiveness of cancer, the disease

Natural Antibiotic: Plantain Purifies The Blood, Kidneys And Lungs Weak

Plantain helps with the expulsion of secretions, whooping cough, asthma, pneumonia, and creates and aversion to smoking and reduces the desire for nicotine. It helps children and dim and boleÅūljivoj children …   Plantain primarily used for diseases of the respiratory organs, especially in the strong catarrh, coughs, whooping cough, pulmonary asthma, and even tuberculosis.

Natural Remedies Against Chlamydia

Previous article Chlamydia – Simptoms, Treatment, Prevention … caused a sizable interest and a lot of your questions sent by e-mail. Most have sought answers to the question: who are natural drugs against chlamydia most effective, whether chlamydia can win only by natural means and how long it takes to get it under control. Here