Guide to healthy, supple and shiny hair: Less known mistakes that you should avoid

Most women spend thousands of money, buying a variety of cosmetic products for hair, and also closed its eyes to the basic rules of care that must be observed to have healthy hair. Ladies, it’s time to wake up that expensive shampoos and conditioners are simply not enough! Beauty is made up of many things, but if your hair is not well nourished and will look healthy, your overall image and attractiveness will be reduced.

So today, we decided to save part of your monthly salary “dumped” on expensive cosmetic products to help you avoid the most common mistakes that (probably) do while you maintain your hair and you can have the hair of your dreams .

Error no. 1: Incorrect rubbed shampoo

Before you wash your hair, you should thoroughly combed. Pour shampoo into walnut size of your palms and rub them to make foam. Then apply it to the root of your hair. With the help of masazherski movements, make sure you touch the scalp only with the soft part of your fingertips (not nails, which could cause scratches).

Continue massage until the rinse – these trends have significant health benefits to the root of your hair. Also, be careful not to use too much shampoo. The amount of shampoo depends on the length of your hair. Start with less, so you can specify how you enough.

Error no. 2: wash your hair with hot water

You should avoid using extremely hot water while you wash your hair because it dries and makes creaking and fragile. Furthermore, if dyed hair, the warm water will not fade the color. Instead, use warm or cold water, which will not over-emphasize the secretion of natural oils, as it makes the hot water, and also will improve the circulation of the hair roots and remove the dirt from the hair. At least, let the water in the cold at the end of bathing and enable you to have a smooth, soft, supple and shiny hair.

Error no. 3: wash your hair too often or rarely

The recommended interval from place to wash your hair depends on several individual factors such as the type of your hair and quality of water that you use for washing. If you have oily hair, it is recommended to wash every 1-2 days, if you have normal or dry hair, do not need to wash more often 3-4 times a week. Some women are convinced that the only way to keep their hair shiny and beautiful, is to wash daily with shampoo. In reality,  frequent use of shampoo, will lead to the loss of natural essential oils, which are vital to maintain hydration of the hair. As a result, hair becomes excessively dry.

Use of conditioner: While shampoo or immediately after washing out the shampoo, apply and quality of hair. Regular use of a good conditioner (in each washing hair) plays a key role for the recovery of lipids and proteins in the hair roots, while allowing the effect of moisturizing and “sealing” the tops. Regenerators also accelerate hair growth and increase its volume and shine. As for the mask, be sure to use natural based and use them no more than once a week.

Error no. 4: Oversize you brush your hair

Another popular misconception is that frequent brushing your hair is good for her health. Naturally, the process of brushing stimulates the scalp, relieves natural oils and allows them to disseminate the entire length of your hair. But you should be careful not to over do it, especially while your hair is still wet from washing, because this can lead to the loss of many fibers, their stretching and tearing. Wait until your hair first to dry and then gently with your fingers, take it to the locks. Take a comb with large teeth, and start combing each of the peaks, gradually moving towards the root. A grooming session should not last longer than 5-10 minutes.