From Giant Grape, Watermelon Cubes To The 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Everyone wants to wreck your teeth into a juicy peach or any other fruit. But if I gave them a fortune?

Some of the most expensive fruits in the world:

1. The melon “Yubari”

This type of melons stored in special greenhouses in Japan on the island of Hokkaido. Growing up as a very juicy and perfectly circular, cracks and reminisce about Japanese porcelain. On average, such a melon costs about 300 dollars and the most expensive purchased even for 27,000 dollars.

2. Black watermelon “Densuke”

This watermelon just like “Yubari”, grows only on the island of Hokkaido and is very mild. The average black watermelon cost $ 250, but there are those who at auction sold for 6,100 dollars.

3. Giant red grapes

Red grapes have grown Japanese farmers is the highest in the world. Each piece is as grape ping pong ball and contains 18% sugar. In 2016, 700 grams of this grape have been sold for 10,900 dollars.

4. Mango “Egg of the Sun”

This type of mango on average weighs 350 grams, has dramatically milder than normal in Japan auction sold for $ 3,000.

5. Watermelon as a cube

These watermelons are kept in special boxes in the shape of a cube and raised on the Japanese island of Shikoku. The cost of this type watermelons ranged from 200 to 800 dollars.

6. Strawberries in a boutique

Resemble the ordinary, but to segregate them in that they seek those with perfect form and sold in the luxury shop “Sembikiya” in Tokyo. You can buy a pack of 12 pieces for 69 dollars.

7. Apples “Sekai Ichi”

These apples are the pride of Japanese farmers, because they can reach up to 2 kilograms and eat on special holidays. One piece sells for $ 21.

8. A mixture of mandarins, portkali

“Dekopon” is a hybrid fruit, a combination of tangerines and oranges also are produced in Japan. One piece costs 13 dollars.