Physical appearance is very important to us, and weight often becomes a problem for many of us. Since at all costs we are trying to lose those extra kilos always.

Sometimes unknowingly much of the methods we use to lose weight tend to damage our body more because the diets or the exercises we choose are not conducive to us.

Some meringues or any pill that promises to lose weight leads to side effects that we do not pay attention to and can become very harmful to our health.

That is why there are other natural methods that will help you and will not have any side effects in your body.

Here we will teach you how to prepare a recipe that will help you in a matter of hours. Keep reading and learn how to prepare it.

Chia and lemon to lose weight

If you are looking to lose weight and do not want to suffer side effects and endanger your health, it is best to try this natural recipe. It will make you lose weight and you will not have to worry because it affects your body.

You will only need these ingredients:

  • -Juice of a lemon
    -A spoonful of chia seeds
    -A spoonful of pure honey
    -A glass and a half of water

As you can see the ingredients are completely natural and you can easily get them. Now if you already have all the ingredients you should just proceed to prepare this recipe.

For that, follow these steps:

  1. To start you should put to soak the chia seeds. They will be bulged due to the amount of fiber they contain.
  2. After some time the seeds soaking, you must include all the ingredients in the blender and let beat.
  3. Make sure the mixture is homogeneous before serving.
  4. You must drink this mixture for two months on an empty stomach or before each meal. Remember that you can accompany this recipe with a proper exercise routine for you and thus you can observe the results much faster.

Chia seed is rich in fibers that will help your body to purify together with the lemon that acts as an antioxidant. So try it and I will stop enjoying these benefits. Share this amazing recipe with your friends!