Cars smashed by giant chess pieces thrown from an apartment rooftop Video

  • Now Playing: Cars smashed by giant chess pieces thrown from an apartment rooftop

  • Now Playing: ‘It was a stupid idea’: Train hoppers call 911 to be rescued

  • Now Playing: Mom has 10th child at same hospital, delivered by same doctor

  • Now Playing: A gas explosion causes an evacuation

  • Now Playing: ‘You must be Ben’: Man meets biological father for the first time

  • Now Playing: Man discovers biological father was living just 20 minutes away

  • Now Playing: Instagram star bitten while swimming with sharks

  • Now Playing: Woman found dead in condo’s trash compactor

  • Now Playing: Gas explosion rocks Wisconsin town

  • Now Playing: Tensions high for Trump at NATO summit

  • Now Playing: Air Force’s $10,000 toilet seat covers now 3-D printed for much less

  • Now Playing: Firefighters praised for saving flag from burning truck

  • Now Playing: 3 kids under 7 years old among family killed in murder-suicide, police say

  • Now Playing: Florida firefighters saved a husband having a heart attack, then completes his yard work

  • Now Playing: North Carolina volunteer firefighters charged with arson

  • Now Playing: Illinois man harasses a woman for wearing Puerto Rican shirt

  • Now Playing: The latest on the immigration reunion deadline

  • Now Playing: The battle with President Trump’s Supreme court pick

  • Now Playing: Tropical storm Chris sending dangerous rip currents up East Coast

  • Now Playing: What Would You Do: Parents disapprove of their pregnant teen’s final decision

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