The 9 Signs of Magnesium Deficit and 9 Foods for Fixing This

Many people have magnesium deficit and this mineral is really vital for the health since it levels more than 300 enzymes inside.

So, the common signs are listed below, try to recognize them:

1. Hypertension –This mineral relaxes the vessels of blood thus for pressure, you need it more.

2. Acid reflux –This acid reflux and heartburn is soothed with chocolate or magnesium foods.

3. Pain and muscle cramps –Mg deficit also makes this so, take magnesium!

4. Anxiety –If you feel like this all the time, get supplements.

5. Migraine and headaches –Eat mg chocolates and soothe migraine pain.

6. Constipation –This mineral relaxes you and soothes the blocked waste issues.

7. Insomnia –Lack of magnesium also impairs sleep.

8. Chocolate craving –The body gives signals that you need magnesium, so you want to reach for chocolates. Dark chocolate gives 25% daily need of Mg.

9. Improper heartbeat –Mg also relaxes the heart so to avoid arrhythmia have Mg.

These foods help with this issue, so try them:

  1. Cocoa – cocoa has antioxidants and cures issues and cancer even. It has potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus.
  2. Pumpkin seed – they have Mg and zinc too, kill viruses, microbes and fungi.
  3. Brazil nuts – these have Mg, vitamins B and E, monounsaturated fat acids too. have a handful of them few days a week.
  4. Cashews – they have antioxidants and stop oxidation damage, also they have copper, magnesium and melanin boosting agents.
  5. Spinach -rich in magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and C, K, A, folate. Stops heart problems.
  6. Halibut – it has Mg and protein too, prevents from strokes.
  7. Quinoa – gluten free food with protein, Mg, amino acids for more happiness serotonin hormones.
  8. Almonds – they have Mg a lot, good fats and monounsaturated fats. They can regulate hypertension, heart issues and cholesterol.
  9. Rice bran -with Mg, fibers, sodium and other nutrients. It supports brain work, heart health and kidneys work.